Lucky Luke – Episode 1 – The Comic Books

This is probably the last one for a while…

My Mac is dying. I’ll try to make a transplantation to save him. This is also the reason why the end seems so tagged on. I tried to do it right, but I couldn’t check my work later anymore, because the audio came out all garbled. Then I exported the vid and everything was fine, but I seriously hate the end. If I can fix my Mac or get a new one soon, I’ll redo it! No Matter what!

Quality for my viewers first!


3 responses to “Lucky Luke – Episode 1 – The Comic Books

    • Thanks man, but this is sadly way off. I first need to buy a new mac. So I am sorry to delay it. I guess by the end of this year the MOELANDER Show will be ready to continue, maybe earlier I f I get accepted into one of those game shows I wrote to 😉

      • Yes of course it’s me. Always interested in what people I know do on the web. In my ideal world, everybody has a blog or podcast – well, almost everybody. This reminds me that I have to get a real blog soon.

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