Getting my Ass kicked by iMovie…

Stupid old MacBook doesn’t do things the way I want it to.

Gotta buy me a new mac soon! Maybe a Mac mini…


The Schedule for August.

So. It’s about time I post the Schedule for August. Lo and behold here it is:

Wednesday August 10th: LUCKY LUKE – The Comic Books

Wednesday August 17th: LUCKY LUKE – My Top 6 LL Comic Books

Wednesday August 24th: LUCKY LUKE – Lucky Luke in “Daisy Town” (animated feature, france 1971)

Wednesday August 31st: Stereotyping – Germans Part 2: Bavarians

After that I have a draft, but it’s not set in stone. I may go on hiatus for health reasons. Don’t know exactly when, but it will take 6 months. I will inform of this in advance. If I can I will make a buffer of videos and give a friend of mine permission to post them.

See you later